How to take good photos of your family – 1

With being stuck at home at the minute & not being able to get professional photos taken of your children, I thought I’d put together some tips and tricks to help you take beautiful photos of your family.

You will need a phone or camera. If you are using a phone, then the following apps might be useful to download,

  • Editing app – Adobe Lightroom or Snapseed
  • Collage app – Piccollage or Adobe Spark
  • Photo sharing app – Instagram
  • Photo storage – Amazon photos
  • Photo printing – Free Prints or Funky Pigeon
  • Photo competition – GuruShots (Just a bit of fun & you don’t need to be a professional)

Say cheese! It can sometimes work, but most of the time you end up getting an over the top forced smile. There’s lots of ways to get a child’s attention in order to get a natural smile.

  • Being silly – pulling faces, saying silly things, pretending to sneeze, making noises
  • Toy play – playing peekaboo or tickling with the toy, squeaking and shaking it too
  • Music – favourite song, singing, dancing

Sometimes it can be hard work to get that natural smile, but it’s not the be all and end all of a beautiful photo. Sometimes no smile at all can be perfect.

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